Case study video for a multimedia campaign we created for Schick Hydro Razors. I was instrumental in developing the core strategy and creative platform. and we worked closely with Second City to create the video content. I wrote all the copy for the micro-site, as well as all the quiz content. I wrote the case study video too!

A fun in-store program we created for Novartis/GSK cough and cold products. We developed the initial strategy to encourage “stock up” behaviour during the cough and cold season (instead of immediate need), then brought it to life with our adorable germy guys (which I also illustrated)

For year 2 of Chunky’s Movember sponsorship our client wanted to build upon their Feed Your Mo positioning and talk about the Canadian ingredients in their soups. Mo’d in Canada was the result.

In store displays featured “select-a-can” caddies encouraging guys to load up on the Chunky while shopping