Castrol Edge

Any contest can give away a car. We wanted to give away awesome cars. So we picked 10 classic models from each of Castrols car brand partners, invited people to vote on their favorites, then restored gave away the top three.

Car fans could come to our site, enter the contest, or simply vote for their favourite cars. After launch we began to seek out and seed car forums. We targeted influential enthusiasts sites of all the featured models. Before long the forums began spreading the word and a fierce rivalry erupted between brands. Auto blogs and the official Facebook and Twitter feeds of the brands soon took note. Amazingly, the mainstream favourites (Mustang and Camaro) were soon left in the dust by cult favourites, such as the BMW 2002, VW Corrado and the Volvo.

Once they voted they could share with friends, or download desktop images or Facebook coverpage pics.

We created large scale banners for Castrol events, such as races at Mosport Speedway. Street teams roamed the race track getting votes and entries.

We also created a line of vintage t-shirts, featuring all of the ten contenders.

We also created a series of limited edition prints of the cars to give as gifts and prizes to retail partners and customers. I did all the car illustrations, car nerd that I am.

We created a simplified version for mobile, that could be accessed with QR codes at retail level.