Various Print

Wide range of print and outdoor ads.

Carte Blanche Finalist 2012.
The plan is to put an actual broadsword behind the transit shelter glass.

Billboard for PCPI, a government funded staffing agency.

A series of washroom ads promoting The Weather Network as a strong media option. They ran in the washrooms of various large media agencies covering everything from weather triggered media placement to gastrointestinal distress.
The series, which I wrote, won for best copywriting in Applied Arts in 2006.

Label design for Froster Flavour Shakers.
Applied Arts 2006 - Packaging Design.

Quebec’s annual award show. Our campaign featured prominent creative directors from all around the world. Each one is coming to grips with their inability to win a Quebec only Crea award. The campaign won a bronze at the Marketing Awards, was featured in Lürzers Archive and won a Grand Prix at the 2008 Crea awards. Starting in Vancouver we hired a local photographer to shoot Alan Russell in his office. I sent him a rough sketch of what we wanted and then directed him through email and over the phone. I then took the raw image files and created a tonal palette that we would apply to all the images.

For each subsequent image I sent a rough sketch and the images we already had shot as a reference to the local photographer. Each time I adjusted the colours and tones to match my palette.

Each CD then tried to outdo the one before him. All in all, we shot 9 images in 6 countries without ever leaving our desks. In the end, the campaign won Bronze at the Marketing awards, was feature in Lürzers Archive, and won a Grand Prix at the 2008 Crea awards.

Series of posters for a local pie shop.