Various Print

Carte Blanche Finalist 2012.
The plan is to put an actual broadsword behind the transit shelter glass.

Billboard for PCPI, a government funded staffing agency.

Series of posters for a local pie shop.

A series of billboards for Marché 440, a farmers market in Montreal.
The headlines translate roughly to:

  1. Just like the countryside. But closer.

  2. Just like the farm. Without the odour.

  3. Return to the earth meets return to your house.

Series of bus kings for Marché 440.
Headlines translate to:

  1. Just like the countryside. Without the long face. (makes more sense in french)

  2. Like a pick your own, with air conditioning.

  3. Just like nature. Minus the flies.

Newspaper ad.

Ad for Canton Speakers, a very expensive and high quality
audio brand.

Label design for Froster Flavour Shakers.
Applied Arts 2006 - Packaging Design.

Buy a Froster. Get a free gummie brain.

Family Literacy encourages parents to read with their children. It not only improves the child's reading ability, it actually improves adult literacy as well. We create a series of outdoor posters that posed odd and interesting questions. The kind your kids might ask you, and the kind you could answer by reading with them.

We also placed wild postings in interesting areas asking even more specific questions.

A series of washroom ads promoting The Weather Network as a strong media option. They ran in the washrooms of various large media agencies covering everything from weather triggered media placement to gastrointestinal distress.
The series, which I wrote, won for best copywriting in Applied Arts in 2006.

Series of Print ads selling The Weather Network as a strong media choice.
Applied Arts - Trade series. 2007


Wide range of print and outdoor ads.