Molson Canadian - Rewards Us

Molson Canadian 67 - Tiny Glasses

Molson Canadian 67 - House Party

Molson Canadian 67 - Bar Slide

The Weather Network - Hockey
Crea Awards 2006 - Television Single Grand Prix.
Applied Arts 2007 - Television Single.
New York Festivals 2007 - Television Single Finalist.

Geek Squad. 10 second spots

Geek Squad - 10 second spots

Molson Canadian - Megakeg

Fido. Instant messaging.
These spots were done before most people even knew what instant messaging and text messaging were. Let alone being able to do it with your phone. So basically we had to sell a benefit that people didn't even know they had a need for.

Fido. Instant messaging 2

The Weather Network.

The Weather Network - Politics

The Weather Network - Spring