77 star cars from film, tv and video games. How many can you name (without cheating)?

71 more famous cars from film and tv

Do you feel like you are about the enter some sort of zone of danger? Then you’re in the right place my friend. Introducing my latest; DANGER ZONE, the vehicles of Archer. Officially licensed and exclusive to DARK INK, it features all your favourite (well, at least my favourite) vehicles from the first 7 seasons of Archer. From Archer’s Challenger, to the Intrepid, the airboat, Air Tunt and all of Kreiger’s vans, it’s a whole bunch of lovingly crafted vehicular goodness. Oh. And they’re also in order of appearance. So there’s that too. Sploosh.

Limited edition prints are available at Dark Ink

Every single identifiable vehicle from the original Star Wars Trilogy. In order of their appearance in the films. That’s right. Every single one. Including the weird tanker that even Wookiepedia couldn’t identify.

All the vehicles from A New Hope

Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

I was recently approached by Scientific American magazine to create an editorial image for one of their articles. The article is about giving NASA the freedom to set it’s own agenda, without politics interfering. Which basically meant I got to draw space stuff! So, I was in!

Ride up to gates of Valhalla with 33 of the craziest vehicles ever to grace the fury road. Witness the madness!

80 awesome women from movies and tv!

The robot apocalypse is upon us.

63 more amazing women from tv and film.

I was invited to submit a piece (or three) for L’expo M.A.S.K in Limoges, France. It’s a tribute to the Oh-so-80's cartoon and toy line, where cars and trucks transformed into tanks and battle platforms. So, you know, pretty much most of my favourite things.

Here’s a profile on the event (in French):

Robalphabet. The cutest robot uprising around!

2012 Version of the Geeky Christmas Image. Let's see how many years I can keep this up.

Christmas 2011

Do not underestimate the power of the Merry Side.

Cats and Imperial Ground Assault Forces. Together at last!

Giant Christmas window image for a Calgary bike shop.

A series of happy germs I created for a Novartis cold and flu season campaign. Each one represents a symptom of a cold or flu