80 awesome women from movies and tv! Prints available at Society6:

63 more amazing women from tv and film. Prints available at :

88 vehicles from the Back to the Future trilogy. In order of appearance. Why? Because I’m crazy, that’s why. Prints available at:

77 star cars from film, tv and video games. How many can you name (without cheating)?

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71 more famous cars from film and tv

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The robot apocalypse is upon us. See if you can name them all. Prints available at:

Robalphabet. The cutest robot uprising around!

2012 Version of the Geeky Christmas Image. Let's see how many years I can keep this up.

Christmas 2011

Do not underestimate the power of the Merry Side.

Cats and Imperial Ground Assault Forces. Together at last!

Giant Christmas window image for a Calgary bike shop.

A series of happy germs I created for a Novartis cold and flu season campaign. Each one represents a symptom of a cold or flu