How do you get young guys to change their razor habits? By scaring them into thinking they’re becoming their dad, of course. Working with Second City Toronto, we create a faux PSA campaign encouraging young men to stop the scourge of BMD (becoming my dad syndrome) by switching to a Schick Hydro.

During Cough and Cold season, germs are everywhere. And while they’re happy to see you, you won’t be happy to see them. So be prepared and stock up in advance.

For this campaign we were asked to develop a larger American campaign. The catch: we had a fraction of the budget, and could only leverage some of the elements. So we needed to do something simple that would catch young guys attention and encourage them to engage with us socially. So we invited them to tell us a story. But not just any story. We wanted their best, stuff-of-legends story. Then we’d pick the best and immortalize it with an epic movie-trailer style video.

Year 2 of Chunky’s Feed Your Mo – Movember sponsorship celebrated the majesty of the great Canadian Moustache. Our Moustache archetypes adorned everything from in-store displays, to print ads, posters and social media.

Can caddies invited our guys to take home a healthy supply of Chunky to feed their own mo.

Caddy holder for in-store display

Custom can lids and labels got attention on shelf.