Crea Awards

Starting in Vancouver we hired a local photographer to shoot Alan Russell in his office. I sent him a rough sketch of what we wanted and then directed him through email and over the phone. I then took the raw image files and created a tonal palette that we would apply to all the images.

For each subsequent image I sent a rough sketch and the images we already had shot as a reference to the local photographer. Each time I adjusted the colours and tones to match my palette.

Each CD then tried to outdo the one before him. All in all, we shot 9 images in 6 countries without ever leaving our desks. In the end, the campaign won Bronze at the Marketing awards, was feature in Lürzers Archive, and won a Grand Prix at the 2008 Crea awards.

The awards website featured voicemail messages from prominent industry creatives (desperately trying to enter the contest), famous ads doctored to be "Quebec friendly", links to images of the print ads and all the required entry information, all hidden within the various items on the desk.


Quebec’s annual award show. Our campaign featured prominent creative directors from all around the world. Each one is coming to grips with their inability to win a Quebec only Crea award. The campaign won a bronze at the Marketing Awards, was featured in Lürzers Archive and won a Grand Prix at the 2008 Crea awards.